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Chemistry Ebook: Laboratory Manual for Physiological Studies of Rice

laboratory manual for analysisThis laboratory manual is primarily intended for students of crop physiobgy and agronomy. The procedures given in the text of this manual are particularly suited for routine chemical analysis and physiological studies of the rice plant. Considerable attention is given to technical matters involved in these procedures. The equipment section of each chapter lists only special items needed for the procedures discussed. Ordinary laboratory equipment is not listed. Read more »

Kegiatan Praktikum Laboratorium Kimia Anorganik Departemen Kimia FMIPA IPB: Praktikum Kimia Anorganik Dan Kimia Biologis

IMG_06082015_095012Laboratorium Kimia Anorganik merupakan salah satu laboratorium yang terdapat di Departemen Kimia FMIPA IPB dan berada di bawah naungan Divisi Kimia Anorganik. Laboratorium Kimia Anorganik terdiri dari Laboratorium pendidikan untuk menyelenggarakan praktikum dan laboratorium penelitian untuk kegiatan penelitian mahasiswa. Dalam satu tahun akademik, laboratorium kimia anorganik menyelenggarakan 3 praktikum yaitu praktikum kimia anorganik dan kimia biologis pada semester genap dan praktikum tekhnik sintesis bahan anorganik pada semester ganjil.

Praktikum Kimia Anorganik

Program Studi S1 Kimia

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