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Secret Garden Album (1996): Songs From A Secret Garden

81rOI4UdufL._SL1212_Secret Garden is a Irish-Norwegian band specialized in new instrumental music, led by the duo consisting of Irish violinist and singer Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer, arranger and pianist Rolf Løvland. The group has sold over 3 million albums since having won the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Norway with the composition “Nocturne” (Wikipedia). Read more »

Air Supply Album 1993: The Vanishing Race (With Original Music Video)

FrontThis album of Air Supply was supported by the hit single with title “Goodbye”. That song was produced by David Foster, with lyrics by Linda Thompson and not only popular in the United States but also in another country, especially in Asia. Read more »

Song Collection: Classic Instrumental Music For Relaxing Everytime

classic instrumental music

Music is a part of life, it can make your life better. Many kinds of music in the world and one of them is classic instrumental. Following this page, you will find greatest classic instrumental music from many country like itally, espana etc . It is for relaxing your mind everytime and everywhere. Your mind can be better condition and far away from stress. This songs usually include in drama, film and seminar/ training of motivation. And the last, enjoy all of  songs from this album.

This tracks list from classic instrumental music album collection:

01. Sarabande

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