Chemistry Ebook: Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis

manure analysis

Brief Content Of Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis Ebook:
Unit I
Sampling Livestock Waste for Analysis
1. Introduction
2. Sampling livestock waste
2.1 Technique
2.2 Time
2.3 Storage management
3. Sampling recommendations
4.Recommended procedures for sampling livestock waste
4.1 Solid manure dairy, beef, swine, poultry
4.2 Liquid manure dairy, beef, swine
4.3 Sample identification and delivery
5. References
Unit II
Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
1. Introduction
2. Components of a quality control program
3. Assessment of quality control
4. Statistical control and control charts
5. References

Unit III
Laboratory Procedures
1. Sample handling
2. Dry matter analysis
3. Total nitrogen
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
3.3 Total nitrogen by combustion
4. Ammonium nitrogen
4.1 Ammonium-N determination by distillation
4.2 Ammonium-N determination by electrode
4.3 Ammonium-N by colorimetry using an autoAnalyzer
5.Digestion and dissolution methods for P, K, Ca, Mg and trace elements
5.1. Introduction
5.2 Dry ashing (adapted from AOAC 985.01)
5.3 Microwave-assisted acid digestion (adapted from EPA 3051)
5.4 Nitric and hydrochloric acid digestion with peroxide
5.5 Nitric acid digestion with peroxide using a block digester
6. Methods of determination of P, K, Ca, Mg and trace elements
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Atomic absorption spectroscopy (adapted from EPA 7000a)
6.3 Inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy
6.4 Colorimetric method for phosphorus
7. Determination of manure pH
8. Determination of manure electrical conductivity (EC)
Unit IV
Reporting Manure Analysis Results
1. Introduction
2. Considerations for reporting manure analysis results
3. Guidelines for reporting manure analysis results
3.1 Descriptive information
3.2 Analysis results
3.3 Interpretive information
4. References
Example laboratory report 1 (analysis results only, no interpretive information)
Example laboratory report 2 ( analysis results plus interpretive information)


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