Biology Ebook: Practical Handbook of Microbiology Second Edition Edited By Emanuel Goldman and Lorrence H. Green

Handbook of MicrobiologyThe first edition of the Practical Handbook of Microbiology was published in 1989. Since that time, the field of microbiology has undergone many changes and has grown to encompass other disciplines as well. New chapters have been added and a number of chapters from the first edition were dropped. Tables in the first edition that were outdated have been replaced by tables in the individual chapters. This edition also contains a new broad and concise survey table of selected eubacteria. Areas generally considered part of microbiology that were not covered or covered only briefly in the first edition are now included with comprehensive introductory chapters. This book was written to provide basic knowledge and practical information about working with microorganisms, in a clear and concise form. Although of use to anyone interested in the subject matter, the book is intended to especially benefit two groups of microbiologists: people trained as microbiologists who are highly specialized in working with one specific area of microbiology; and people who have been trained in other disciplines and use microorganisms as simply another tool or chemical reagent.

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Part I Practical InformatIon and Procedures for Bacteriology
Chapter 1 Sterilization, Disinfection, and Antisepsis
Chapter 2 Quantitation of Microorganisms
Chapter 3 Culturing and Preserving Microorganisms
Chapter 4 Stains for Light Microscopy
Chapter 5 Identification of Gram-Positive Organisms
Chapter 6 Identification of Aerobic Gram-Negative Bacteria
Chapter 7 Plaque Assay for Bacteriophage
Chapter 8 Phage Identification of Bacteria
Chapter 9 Phage Display and Selection of Protein Ligands
Chapter 10 Diagnostic Medical Microbiology
Chapter 11 Mechanisms of Action of Antimicrobial Agents
Chapter 12 Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
Chapter 13 Bacterial Cell Wall: Morphology and Biochemistry
Chapter 14 Bacterial Cell Breakage or Lysis
Chapter 15 Major Culture Collections and Sources
Chapter 16 Epidemiological Methods in Microbiology
Part II InformatIon on Individual genus and species, and other topics

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Chapter 17 The Family Enterobacteriaceae
Chapter 18 The Genus Pseudomonas
Chapter 19 The Family Neisseriaceae
Chapter 20 Microbiological and Clinical Aspects of the Pathogenic Spirochetes
Chapter 21 The Genus Vibrio and Related Genera
Chapter 22 Staphylococcus aureus and Related Staphylococci
Chapter 23 The Genus Streptococcus
Chapter 24 The Genus Bacillus
Chapter 25 The Genus Clostridium
Chapter 26 The Genus Corynebacterium
Chapter 27 The Actinobacteria
Chapter 28 The Family Rickettsiaceae
Chapter 29 Chlamydia
Chapter 30 Mycoplasma and Related Organisms
Chapter 31 The Genus Mycobacteria
Chapter 32 The Genus Legionella
Chapter 33 The Genus Haemophilus
Chapter 34 The Genus Listeria
Chapter 35 The Genus Campylobacter
Chapter 36 The Genus Helicobacter
Chapter 37 The Genus Yersinia
Chapter 38 The Genus Bordetella
Chapter 39 Other Zoonotic Bacteria
Chapter 40 Other Anaerobic Bacteria: Bacteroides, Porphyromonas, Prevotella, Tannerella, and Fusobacterium
Chapter 41 Introduction to Archaea
Chapter 42 Overview of Biofilms and Some Key Methods for Their Study
Chapter 43 Introduction to Bacteriophages
Chapter 44 Phage Therapy: Bacteriophages as Natural, Self-Replicating Antimicrobials
Chapter 45 Introduction to Parasites
Chapter 46 Introduction to Yeasts
Chapter 47 Introduction to Virology

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Review By Introduction from Practical Handbook Of Microbiology

Practical Handbook of Microbiology Second Edition Edited By Emanuel Goldman and Lorrence H. Green

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